Henrik’s the name
Coding’s my game
Teaching algorithms
Textbooks are my fame
From morning till night
Never taking a break
Putting bugs to sleep
No time for mistake
Late nights in the lab
Lines of codeI tackle
Debugging and testing
Never skipping a shackle
Stacking functions like bricks
to build a masterpiece
In my programming kingdom
I’m the high priest

[Verse 2]
Students looking tired
Minds filled with doubt
Losing motivation
Feeling left out
But I’m here to uplift
Lift the spirits high
Turning zeros to heroes
That’s my battle cry


SnapCamera fix

  1. https://www.henrikhjelm.se/files/SnapCamera1.21.0.exe  ladda ner programet..
  2. Installera programet.
  3. Gå in på denna sida : https://snapchatreverse.jaku.tv/snap/
    där ska du välja filen C:\Program Files\Snap Inc\Snap Camera\Snap Camera.exe
  4. nu får du en fil som heter snap camera(patched) lägg den i samma mapp som ovan : C:\Program Files\Snap Inc\Snap Camera\
  5. ta bort Snap Camera.exe
  6. byt namn på patched filen du la ditt och döp om den till Snap Camera.exe